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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2011|08:55 pm]
This Bin Laden business is getting on my nerves. It bothers me. However evil he apparently was. Shooting an unarmed man in front of his family. I mean that's murder right? I really don't see how it can be justified. It's put me right of Obama - the only good thing I can say about it is he's managed to not join in too much with the American rejoicing publically. And then there's the lies, how the story keeps changing. At first he had a gun, used a women as a human shield and Obama watched it live. Then there's no gun, no human shield, just a resisted arrest - so he gets shot for resisting? A 54 year old man with a gummy leg in his bed against navy SEAL special ops. Right. One dead Bin Laden. Now lets drop him in the sea before anyone sees. And we wont show any photos because we don't want to insight hatred but parading down the street having a big party - that's fine, that wont upset anyone now will it. All I can assume is that they didn't want a trial, especially as there was never any actual evidence linking him to 9/11. Case closed.  It's sad.

In other news there is a change in the air! Another new start. Maybe.
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(no subject) [Dec. 12th, 2010|09:33 pm]
So, I went to see Godspeed you! Black Emperor on Wednesday and they really were just great. So I felt motivated to do a music I love at the moment post. 6 songs from 6 very different bands. I get a little sad that I don't really get to share my music around. If people ask me what I'm into it's pretty hard to answer because I like "obscure" bands or whatever. I loved being on the boat in the arctic. When I had the lab to myself I'd blast out all sorts of tunes and people would wonder in all curious and suprised, ears pricked. It's nice to share.

6 bandsCollapse )

On another note, I have spent the entire day making more Christmas cards than I have actual friends and I'm looking for excuses to send them out. So if you'd like a little Sian art send me your address and I can feel wanted! :)
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(no subject) [Nov. 28th, 2010|03:10 am]
5 reasons why having a stinking cold has been great!
1) I got 2 days of work
2) I got to sit about in my moon pajamas and make 3d glittery stars to hang around the flat
3) Every time I blow my nose my right ear squeeks
4) After spending the last 3 days pretty much asleep I am now totally full of beans (physically and metaphorically) so instead of lying in bed thinking about all the things i might like to do, like perhaps writing an LJ update, I am sitting here and doing it. 
5) You forget how great it feels to not be ill.

I've noticed a slight LJ resurgence so I have been thinking i'd join in. Maybe I'll stick to it for a while, but I probably wont. May 2008 was the last time I wrote. It was also the last time I saw and spoke to most of you - pretty slack really.

I know I'm very out of touch up here in Scotland, but I don't think that i've changed in any way really. I still wont cut my hair, I'm still extremally anti-social (maybe more), me and Jonathan are somehow still together, I'm still lazy and still don't have much life direction but still lots of things I would like and still all pretty unlikely to get.... etc etc

I do love Scotland though. I didn't appreciate how big the country was until moving up here. I go home maybe twice a year, it takes 10 hours to Wales. Oh, but I do love it here. And there is true wilderness, and it is spectacular. When I am walking and exploring I am completly awe struck by the landscape here. I find myself laughing and grinning like a moron. I'd like to stay here really, but how that would be posible job-wise, family-wise I havn't worked out yet. To get me back into LJ slowly I think I'll end this post with some pictures I've taken over the last year. It's much easier than writing anyway.

I'm sorry there's far too many..Collapse )
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Party Plans [May. 6th, 2008|09:06 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]

Hello. I'm just trying to work out what people want to do. And when they can come/go. Firstly I'm not working from Wednesday to Wednesday (21st-28th) so you can arrive Friday or Saturday. I also thought it'd be nice if people could stay the bank holiday, then leave in the afternoon some time. One night just isn't long enough. Is everyone happy camping? It's not compulsory, there are 3 spare beds and a hammock. Camping just might be easier. We won't need to split up and my house hasn't exactly got heated floors, 3 piece suites or fluffy clean carpets (any carpets). And camping is fun! I have a 4 people tent and a 2 people tent already, more tents would be useful.

If you're driving then I can't give you any advice other than to look at a map and head for Llanidloes. If you all try to arrive at the same time it'd be a lot easier, saving on picking people up trips. The track isn't friendly for cars you see. And mobile phones don't much work and can't be relied on. As for trains, Caersws station - it's on the Birmingham to Aberystwyth line and runs every 2 hours and on Sunday and Monday I think there are 2 trains all day. The best connection point is probably Shrewsbury - again catching the same trains would be much better, it's not that near.

Old cloths are essential, wellies or old shoes, sleeping bags. Randomly on Sunday people are coming to see how eco-houses work. I think that's everything. Hope I haven't scared anyone. Just better to be organised with this one.

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(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2008|09:57 am]
[mood |optimisticoptimistic]

Hello friends.

I'd like if you joined me in Wales over the 24th/25th May weekend. Its a bank holiday so that could also include the 26th. And then some if you're really keen. I'm there all week. They'll be sleeping under the stars, cooking on fires, stone circles, waterfalls, lazying in the sunshine, exploration, sheep, ducks, cats, dog, horse. It'll be very chilled out. And if camping isn't your thing there are beds too. Infact there is an entire almost self-sufficient hippie fortress. Trains do run and it's not that hard to drive it. If you have plans then change them! Alex, Jon, Oli - this is compulsary. It's the final house on the visit list, it's also my birthday (but that's not important) and a meet up is long overdue. Bring guest(s), you're all welcome. Get back to me.

I've been meaning to do that for ages!
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(no subject) [Jan. 15th, 2008|03:54 pm]
At the moment I am not content. I am confused. I have all these things I want to think about, that need clarifying, tidying up but I don't seem to have a moment to think. But that's stupid right? I could think when I get the bus, I could think while I work, I could think in the shower, think before I fall asleep. I just seem to get distracted. A film. A game. A kiss. Radio 4. Little annoyances like how the bus went early causing me to miss it, or how someone else signed of the paperwork for the job that I had done at work. And on those occasions that I'm in a good mood I slip into little fairy tales and imaginary conversations. Today as I willingly unpacked (it's good to get out of the lab - be alone) the very heavy deliveries boxes of agar into the chillers I built a little den to shield myself from the icy chiller fans and from the nasty outside, here I thought about the end of the world, running to the ruin of an old farmhouse in the Welsh mountains hunting sheep with sticks, eating moss and blueberries. Being cold, being wet, being hungry. It's a defense I guess. A frustrating one. But thinking about the things I need to think about only gets me worked up.
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"oh long johnson" [Jul. 2nd, 2007|12:03 am]
Has anyone ever come across the assortment of very odd cat videos on youtube, I'm just crying with laughter, I came across them looking for the Kitty cat dance (a song which enters my head at least twice a week despite not having seen the video since my second year - thanks guys!)...

My two favourites would have to be Nora playing the piano and talking cats. If you want more i'm sure you all know how to follow related video links! Good night!
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(no subject) [Jul. 1st, 2007|04:00 pm]
Glastonbury is great. I need Chai. The real world is so colourless in comparison. It rained all the time, we saw lots of bands and circus and Bill Bailey who addressed us as "the people of the mud". At the moment I have to work a lot. This week I've done 50 hours, next week it'll be more like 70. But in a way I'm glad I've spent far too much money this month. I'm starting to think about the future again and I need to save.

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Two Homes and Download. [Jun. 14th, 2007|10:38 pm]
It's a busy month = the way i like it.

Work continues and that's all I can say about that. Oh, and it's stupid and I should be boss 'cause then I'd kick everyone into shape.

The weekend before last I went home, it was just lovely!. On the Saturday night I dragged Jonathan out to a meeting about transition towns and peak oil. Peak oil meaning we are at our peak consumption and from now on it's down hill. Basically one of the local town is going post-oil.  So all local food grown small-scale and by local people. And other amazing ideas. I love how involved my family is with it all, I'm so proud of my parents. There was lots of organic local food and I ate my own weight in rubarb and cream feeling more nourished then I have in a long time. Suddenly being back in Wales doesn't seem like such a bad idea. Jonathan pointed out that post-oil co-operation wouldn't work in a place like Brum. And he's right.

Sunday in the sunshine and then the last train home.

Then last weekend it was Download, which was totally awesome, I felt so at home. I think 5 days in a tent with someone is a pretty good test of a relationship. Passed with flying colours! I would have pictures of that too, except I deleted them all by mistake because I'm a 'tard! Bands worth mentioning include, megadeth, dragonforce, korn, turisas, machine head, slayer, marylin manson, linkin park, after forever, chimaira, devildriver, mastodon, lamb of god, stone sour, killswitch engauge, dimmu borgir, dream theatre and iron maiden. Yes, I have a sore neck.

I better go, I have an entire house to tidy for my weekend of visitors, I also have to be up at 5am for work. I'm also ill - sucks. Oh, and my Glastonbury tickets came today!

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The purpose of life is to live. [May. 19th, 2007|04:23 pm]
[music |Snake River Conspiracy]

Hey world. Thanks for all the happy birthdays, they made me very happy.

Life is pretty good at the moment - it's very busy and that's a welcome change. I finally have a bit of cash which means I CAN go to the cinema, eat real food, go swimming and go to lots of gigs. I can also buy socks.

The job is alright. I'm very grateful to have it but I don't agree with anything it does. I plan on staying there for a minimum 6 months, get the experience and then I'll start looking again. I basically test batches of food from all over the place and water too and some other things for nasty bacteria - mainly salmonella, listeria and e-coli. We also get all the complaints and returns from customers because they think they found pig claws in their sausages or if it just made them sick. The labs do other bits too, like making sure pesticides are in safe levels and working out nutritional information - I don't do that bit though. An insane amount of food is chucked away. We get whole rounds of cheese, boxes of cereal, great lumps of meat big enough to feed a family for a week. We take a spoonful and the rest goes in the bin. We get through 15000 samples a day. Then with each sample is the corresponding packaging, bags, petri dishes, pipettes, etc. and nothing is recycled. I hate having to do it and that's why I can't stay there. When you see the incomprehensible waste in industry it just makes the little differences you make seem so irrelevant. On the plus side I can take anything home. I'll never have to buy food again.

Moral dilemma: Eight (large) un-opened boxes of fresh organic Waitrose king prawns in their shells that no one wants and are about to be chucked when I havn't broken my vegetarianism for 2 years and have been 99.9% veggie for a further 5 and am crazy for those little pink worms. Do I eat them? or do I put them in the bin....

Last Saturday I saw Do Make Say Think in a lil obscure jazz club in Coventry - it was really really awesome and getting there was pretty hilarious. When we finally found the place, despite being an hour late there was only about 10 other people there but more came. I only wish I had a camera that wasn't my phone (I'm getting one for my b'day). The band was spilling over the edges of the too small stage, at one point all the amps piled high fell over, it was hotter than a sauna and my insides were melting, I could hardly stand it, it was so intense and beautiful - the guitars sang. It didn't finish until 2 and we found ourselves stranded but it was all worth it. Then on Tuesday I went to see a very old penpal who was touring with his band, we've talked for years - hundreds of emails have passed between us, he knows all my secrets, then I met him, above a club in Wolverhampton - just like that. I even got a song for me. It was weird. Me and Jonathan have been going out for 6 months. Insane week.

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